August 2019 Meetup @ Zendesk

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Thanks to Zendesk for providing Venue for our August meetup.

Agenda to be announced soon

Talk 1: TBD
Talk 2: Zero downtime deployments of .NET Core apps on GKE - Vignesh Rajasekaran

Zero downtime deployments of .NET Core apps on GKE:

At Titansoft, we recently embarked on a journey of modernising our systems and one of the tools we’ve embraced is K8s. Amongst other reasons for this change, one of it was to be able to update our web apps quickly without any downtime. Whilst our POC was flawless, we noticed service disruption after deploying to production. Cut to the end, we learnt on how rolling updates are performed the hard way and were able to achieve our goal of zero downtime. In this beginner friendly talk, I’ll share about why the default rolling update did not work for us and how we managed to solve the issue.

Vignesh is the R&D lead at Titansoft, developers of online gaming platforms. He’s passionate about building robust distributed systems which just work. Topics that have recently kept him awake include K8s, GraphQL and load testing distributed systems.