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Speed friending for 25 to 45! No pressure way to meet ladies & gents-Hosted Alex
Please join us as we help you meet new people and make new friendships with both ladies & gents in a comfortable way without any pressure, nervousness or shyness. This evening is for ladies & gents between the ages of 25 to 45 (it's ok if you are a few years above or below the age parameters) Speed friending is like an icebreaker, however with a very different approach. Instead of having a large group icebreaker we arrange for our members to interact with each other one-on-one. This gives you an easy and convenient way to meet new people in a way that completely dissolves awkward social barriers. This is NOT speed dating and so you will be meeting both ladies and gentlemen in mixed groups. The intent is to create friendships. The biggest benefit of "Speed friending" is that tears away any barriers of shyness. Many people have a fear or anxiety when it comes to talking to people they don’t know. They may even be intimidated by certain group members. But when you push outside your comfort zones, this speedy connection opens up the door to allow you to easily communicate and work together with other members of the group. Speed friending allows you to identify other people with common interests. The conversations that take place don’t have to be deep, profound or even scripted; simply discussing likes and dislikes may lead to future friendships. Often, people want to make new friends, but they aren’t quite sure how to go about it. With speed friending, you can start pursuing that goal without appearing socially awkward. Even if you don't form long lasting friendships, you have at least met new people and become comfortable in a social environment. In fact, you might be surprised at how much people are willing to socialize when they are encouraged with a game. Speed friending is the easiest and most effective way to build relationships in a short amount of time. Here’s how it will be set-up: 1. Half of the group (mixed gender) will be in a fixed / standing place and the other half of the group (mixed gender) rotates. (We like people to stand as that delivers greater energy and also gives much greater visibility to body language.) Every 5 minutes or so, the rotating group will move to another person. During these intervals, each pair of people will get the opportunity to talk, develop a connection and possibly even spark a friendship. The time limits aren’t set in stone but it will be about 3-5 minutes. 2. ALEX will be hosting the evening. She will be blowing the whistle or giving another sign to indicate that you should move to the next person. 3. We will meet from 8:00 pm on-wards. You are welcome to purchase any food / beverages before we begin. 4. The Speed friending part will start exactly at 8:30 pm on-wards and continue till about 10:00 pm with a couple of comfort breaks. (If you are late then you can join the speed networking but you may not be able to meet as many people as you may have otherwise). 5. You can contact ALEX through her meetup profile with any questions. (Or you can contact me, Dan Raj, on my meetup profile or on whatsapp on [masked]) 6. Please be aware that over 75% of attendees are attending for the first time and over 95% of attendees come alone. You will not be alone. Alex will welcome you and help you get comfortable. -------------------- Event Cost : (is payable in cash and will be collected by the organizer at the start of the evening) Ladies : $ 10 Gents : $ 20 All members will get 1 complimentary drink ----------------------- We are a global group - Have a look at some of our global groups at or at ---------------MEMBER VIDEOS------------------------ WE KNOW THAT ATTENDING A SOCIAL EVENT ALONE AND FOR THE FIRST TIME CAN BE SCARY AND NERVE RACKING. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT FROM AN EXPATS CLUB MEETUP?

Get Juiced, 3E River Valley Road

Block E, Clarke Quay, #02-01 · Singapore

What we're about

Are you a new expat in Singapore. Are you a local who would like to practice English or other languages with expats and native speakers? Come and join our events where we will invite people who speak a whole range of languages. Learn more about each other's cultures and languages.

Singapore is a wonderful city and it is much nicer with friends who know how it feels to be new and lonely in a new city. This group is for those who want to learn various languages and culture in Singapore.

While we are called the Expats Club, everyone is welcome to join. There is nothing better than expatriates and locals interacting and socialising together. It allows for interesting conversations and enriching experiences.

We will help you shrink the time it takes to create a social network and that too with others who are also interested in languages and culture.


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