November 2017 Meeetup


Hi Everyone,

the end of the year is near and this will be the last Python User Group meetup for the year!

This month, Skyscanner has approached us and is offering to host us at their office.


7:00pm: Meet & Greet

7:30pm: "Introduction to Type Hints" by Björn Andersson

Björn has recently learned about Type Hints (see and discovered that they can be of tremendous help when refactoring large code-bases. He will show us how you can make use of them today, by integrating them into your IDE and gradually including them into your codebase, one module at a time.

8:00pm: "Pipenv, in Brief" by Nicholas WL Koh

Pipenv is a packaging tool that brings concepts from other bundlers (e.g. npm) to the Python world. We'll walk through a simple workflow, contrasting it with Virtualenvwrapper.

Nick wishes he took CS instead of Business classes back in his University days (which weren't too long ago). He is currently building tools for the events industry, such as