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August 2019 Meetup

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Martin B.


Zendesk is back! They have completed their move into a new fancy office that is much closer to town and are happy to invite the local Python community to take a peek.

As usual, we are always looking for speakers, so if you would like to give a talk this month or next month, please reach out to Martin Brochhaus here on or via Facebook chat.


7:00pm: Meet and greet

7:30pm: "TagUI for Python" by Ken Soh

TagUI for Python is a Python package for digital process automation (commonly known as RPA). Its simple, expressive and powerful API makes digital process automation fun and easy!

Enjoy features such as website automation, visual automation, OCR automation, keyboard and mouse automation in one seamless API. To use the package, simply - pip install tagui

8:00pm: "Parallel Processing in Python" by Ong Chin Hwee

In a data science project, one of the biggest bottlenecks (in terms of time) is the constant wait for the data processing code to finish executing. Slow code affects every step of a typical data science pipeline — data collection, data pre-processing/parsing, feature engineering, etc.

In this talk, we will be exploring the use of parallel processing in Python to speed up your data processing codes so that you could focus more on getting value out of your data.

Ong Chin Hwee is a data engineer, aspiring polymath and Industry 4.0 enthusiast who happens to use Python at work. Hailing from a background in aerospace engineering and computational modelling, Chin Hwee has experience working on innovative aerospace-related projects in collaboration with academia and industry partners. When not fretting over bad data and slow codes, Chin Hwee can be found travelling, taking photos and looking out for the next big idea in tech.
Zendesk Office
9 Straits View, Marina One West Tower #10-08 · Singapore, al
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