September 2019 Meetup

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Just like last month, Zendesk is welcoming us again at their new office. It is a really cool office, if you missed last month's meetup, this is your chance! :)

We are looking for speakers, so if you have something cool to share, please reach out to Martin Brochhaus here on meetup or via Facebook Messenger.


7:00pm: Meet and greet

7:30pm: "Unlock the Power of FPGAs through Python: Building Reconfigurable Embedded Machine Learning Based Systems with PYNQ" by Christopher Koh Seng Lee

Developing embedded systems traditionally requires one to use lower level programming languages such as C to achieve desired performance. This is no longer feasible with the dynamic requirements of Machine Learning, making the need to use higher level abstraction languages like python an absolute must.

Thankfully, acceleration of python codes on reconfigurable embedded systems is a reality today. Attend this talk to gain deeper insight into python based development on Xilinx PYNQ framework for Machine Learning inference application.

Christopher is a Field Applications Manager from Avnet Asia and has > 10 years’ experience developing embedded/FPGA applications for both the aerospace and defense and semi-conductor industry. His current specializations/interests are on machine learning, algorithms accelerations on Embedded/FPGA based platforms using high level abstraction languages.

8:00pm: Your talk could be here