Scala 2.12 - Scala for 2017

Singapore Scala Programmers
Singapore Scala Programmers
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In this talk, William will cover the new Scala 2.12, Scala's use cases, drawbacks, selling points and recommendations for those interested in incorporating Scala into their application stack - and those Scala users interested in broadening their points of view.

We won't be covering any coding examples which can be left for another time. From 2.12, Scala targets Java 8 meaning less boilerplate and more direct translation to Java 8. This improves the Scala experience from start to end. Scala has been and can be used in many scenarios, from low level to high level programming. We'll go through some common and uncommon usages.

William "ScalaWilliam" Narmontas began his Scala career as a contractor in 2013, working on a range of projects in news media, mobile payments, eCommerce, big data, deep packet inspection, online gaming and legacy application integration. He graduated from Cambridge and was in London before coming to Singapore.