What we're about

The purpose is to build a web development group, and explore startup opportunities based on the websites being developed by the group.

The total number of members are limited to 20. If the group has 20 members, then nobody can join it until one existing member quits. To join this group, a person must send in his or her latest resume. Only these who meet the membership criteria will be approved.

Each member should have more than 5 years of working experience in WordPress, PHP, MySQL development, assuming the member has knowledge and skills of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. The most important things are, he or she has passion to do things or to get rich, and be able to commit what he or she promised.

One or more members can sponsor a meeting and give a presentation about his or their web development proposals. If members are interested in the proposal, they may form a small development team to do it. Only members can attend a proposed meeting.

The sponsors have the following responsibilities:
1). They need find a suitable space for their meeting, and prepare drinks and snacks for attendees at $10 per person.

2). After the proposed website are completed, if the development team has no intention to run the website as a startup. The sponsor must buy the website at a agreed price (say, 10k, must be agreed before starting) as compensation to the development team.

As the founder for this group, I can be the sponsor of a web development project being proposed by a member at the beginning stage, if the member is not ready to sponsor his proposal. Just in case that members have concerns for being sponsor.

Upcoming events

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