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国际麻将是另类的心智训练的麻雀游戏。若您对国际麻将有兴趣,想学习国际麻将的知识,不妨联系 .报名加入我们的课程班。HP: 85916666 赌博不是麻将的罪过,热爱麻将没有错.

The Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR) – NOT GAMBLING 不含赌博性质,比赛专用

A} To learn what the mahjong competition rules are about 了解什么是竞技麻将(国际麻将)

B} To learn the most basic procedures for playing the game 学习最基本的程序来玩这个游戏

C} To exercise the mind and to have fun 锻炼头脑及乐趣!

Understanding the game and learning to play it 理解游戏和学习它。


不妨联系 .报名加入我们的俱乐部及课程班。


The purpose of the Mahjong Mind Sport is to encourage, disseminate and coordinate the playing of mahjong in Singapore.

The Mahjong Mind Sport is a non-profit organization with no political and religious purpose.

Affiliation European Mahjong Association (EMA), World Mahjong Organization (WMO)

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Thank you for your interest in MCR mahjong. Our members have regular practice sessions every Sunday 1330-1730 Please make an effort to join us in any of these sessions at your convenient time.

There is free coaching available. We hope to see you very soon.

If you are coming, please contact me at HP: 8591-6666 .

or email: ctmahjongws@gmail.com

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