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Singapore's CSS and front end development group. Do you know your floats, flexbox and transitions or want to learn more? Join now! Get in touch if you'd like to present your work, sponsor or if you just want to say hi. We also have a website now! Come visit at http://singaporecss.github.io .
Join our Gitter group (https://gitter.im/SingaporeCSS/discussions) for some lively discussion and troubleshooting adventures. If you ever get stuck with any CSS issues, there's always someone who can help.

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Talk.CSS #35

SP Digital HQ

As you can see, we own the last Wednesday of every month slot. Because, consistency. Come start the new year with CSS! We will be opening the year with our lovely friends at SP Digital, come join the CSS nerd-out :) Latest CSS news by Talk.CSS Our no-longer-new regular segment which will cover latest updates in the realm of CSS and HTML. CSS in JS by Dominic Langenegger CSS in JS is one of those things that can be somewhat polarising, but we at SingaporeCSS want to hear from all perspectives, because there is no one right way to do anything. It's all about the context. Dominic will compare different methods of using CSS in your project and review CSS in JS solutions to find out if they can live up to their high expectations or if you are better served sticking to more traditional methods. CSS 3D transforms for beginners by Ayaka Sasaki CSS has come a long way since 1996, from simple margins, paddings and text alignment, to all sorts of wondrous things most of us wouldn't even think possible with CSS alone. 3D transforms may seem daunting and complicated to those unfamiliar with them, but Ayaka will demystify the complexities, and hopefully encourage you to try them out too. The CSS doctor is in (our segment that never gets utilised) Layouts looking a bit broken? CSS issues getting you down? We're here to help. Tell us your CSS problem and get a crowd-sourced solution from all the CSS enthusiasts in Singapore right here. Lightning talks welcome, just poke Hui Jing when you get there. We welcome any CSS-related topics at ANY level because we’re all here to learn and share :)

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Talk.CSS #34

Carousell @ Keppel Towers 2

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