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Welcome to the largest and most vibrant laughter yoga meetup in Singapore! Meet others who want to laugh, to exercise, have fun, relieve stress and heal the body and soul!

Our goal is to bring laughter to as many people as possible. Meetups are lead by teachers and facilitators and take place around Singapore. This group is hosted by Nation of Joy consist of laughter Yoga Teacher Joyologist Dr Yvonne Looi and our team of laughter yoga leaders (We are always growing!) We are the biggest, happiest laughter club in Singapore and we cant wait to meet you soon!


Check out our calendar, pick your meetup and just come to laugh and revive your inner joy and happiness. Laughter yoga is a simple and a very easy method to put positive psychology into practice in day to day life.

Laughter is the Best Medicine. Humans were designed to laugh. Laughter is nature's stress-buster. Laugh yourself healthy! We all know that laughter makes us feel good. A regular 20 minute laughter session can have a profound impact on our health and well-being. Laughter can significantly improve your immune system, prevent against colds and flues, help the healing the process. Laughter is a very gentle exercise and it's a fun way of exercising.

Laughter fills your lungs and body with oxygen, deep-clears your breathing passages and exercises your lungs. You can breath far more easily after a laughter session, it opens the sinuses. This is really important for people who don't get regular aerobic exercise.

"Psychologist William James in 1884 found that the state of mind, whether positive or negative, is mirrored in a matching bodily expression-- or ‘body behavior’. In his research he found that each emotion in the mind has a corresponding behavior in the body. He discovered that bodily enacting any emotional behavior triggers corresponding changes in the state of mind. The connection works both ways: from mind to body and body to mind.


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Special FREE Event! Laughter Yoga for Health & Happiness with the Founder!

11 Eunos Road 8, Lifelong Learning Institute, 408601, TR 9-1

Laugh and Hike with Nation of Joy!

MacRitchie Reservoir

Laugh and Hike with Nation of Joy!

MacRitchie Reservoir

Laughter Yoga Certified Leader Training May 2018

Vyasa Yoga (New Location)