What we're about

Today's political climate harkens back to the 60s where music & art and political/social activism weaved together to create powerful change. Who agrees?!

As songwriters, I believe it is in our blood to support social movements. This group is for members who care deeply about saving our planet, getting money out of politics, enacting policy that allows for peace, fighting wealth inequality, and rejecting programs that benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%. We are currently living under a veiled aristocracy and we need to wake up! Our our environmental policy is based on securing profits for oil & gas companies instead of the health of our people, our gun policies are based on profits for gun manufacturers over the will of the people, our tax policy benefits the corporate interests that control the policymakers in congress, defense funding is based on short-term profits for defense contractors more than peace or securing the free world order, etc. etc.

Our songs can and will help support candidates, causes and movements that are fighting against this and paving a brighter path forward!

This group will meet regularly to co-write, support each others' music, put on concerts, benefits, showcases, and most excitingly -- help to get our music out into the world on a much larger stage!

About me...
I moved here from Boston, MA after graduating from the Harvard Kennedy School with a degree in public policy (I wanted to understand better the state of our country...) Before that, I had 15 years of experience as a DC-insider building a successful small biz in the government contracting space. I couldn't be more excited now to be pursuing my heart's passion-- music -- while teaming up with other like-minded and passionate artistic souls to move social-progress forward! Let's do this, together.

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Discuss & Plan Impact Show & Inspire Songwriting - all encouraged to attend!

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