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Anyone (experience or without it ..) with musical interests such as playing an instrument, composing lyrics, especially hip hop styles, rappers and creators of dance music, and singing .. Also if you produce music on a computer if you want to share or you need an intervention or a test - an essay for this, ect ..
Who wants to find some component to form a group .. And everyone who feels interest and respect for music with interest to get closer .. If you want to share with others what you like to create, practice with a group ..
You can also come to recite your poem .. Maybe you are a person with another practice, but if you want to get close and share it kindly with others, it is correct. I try to open a space / path to create an environment where to contribute and feel supported creatively ... with a listening and a delivery of what you can do or want to show. All interacting for those who are present. The times will be respected and the necessary strategies for each meeting will be created. Any creative and generous person who wants to contribute with your company, your art ... learn something, or meet other people is welcome.
The meetings will try to take place in a room (it can be rented trial), or an outdoor but comfortable.
This is a beginning, and as it is developing it will acquire other nuances

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