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PLEASE NOTE (3/11/2020): Due to the current Coronavirus - Covid 19 outbreak in Washington state, and the Governor's mandate to ban public gatherings and maintain social distancing, we will cancel all in-person meetup events and will not create any for the remainder of the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. We will keep you updated on when we resume in-person meetings once we are free to gather again. HOWEVER - CONNECTING is still possible! We have an active, private FB group for discussions or questions you may have, and there is always the possibility of conversations by email, or FB video chat. Please let us know what you might need to continue supporting your thinking, planning, and parenting as a single choice parent!

Thanks for your understanding, and stay healthy everyone!


Welcome! We are a group for single parents by choice - and have chosen this unique path for a variety of reasons. SPCs are single parents that have proactively decided from the beginning to be the sole parent of the child. They can go on to have relationships, but are single initially.

Though we started with, and are still comprised mostly of, women/moms, we have broadened our group to include all people who are choosing this particular path to parenthood. We are choosing to parent without any involvement from a second parent (no financial support, visitation, co-parenting, etc.), and each of us is thinking about, planning, trying, expecting, or has already 'been there, done that'.

We are now called Single Choice Parents - Seattle Area. We welcome people seeking solo parenthood from any culture, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and socioeconomic status.

Our group is meant to be a safe, easy place to share information, ask questions, and generally provide support and encouragement to each other as we embark or continue on the path of single/solo parenthood by choice. We often share things with each other that your other friends and family may not be able to relate to (unique challenges that come with solo parenting), or may not want to hear about (cervical mucus). Here are some recent comments from our members:

"It's comforting and reassuring to know that I am not the only person that thinks the same way that I do and that I'm not the only one making this sort of decision. It reaffirms what I'm doing. I enjoy hearing about all the success stories and struggles to prepare myself for what's to come. I love the support."

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I attended my first coffee/chat, but I'm glad I went because I feel like I've met some really great people that I admire, and the group gives me the courage to keep trying."

"It is refreshing to spend time with families that "look" like ours."

Regular meet ups are the first Saturday-of-the-month, in the mornings, and others are in the greater Seattle area, including the South end and Eastside as well. We also try to incorporate learning opportunity meetups and playdates whenever possible. We require you to fill out a short screening questionnaire when you join. There is a 90-trial membership period after which you'll be asked to pay a small $5.00 Annual Membership fee in order to offset some of the administrative costs of the group. The 90-day trial membership period gives you time to join the conversations and events and decide if we are a good fit for you!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are pregnant by chance, pregnant from a previous relationship, are receiving any sort of child-support, financially or otherwise - or if there is a co-parent to your child(ren) is in ANY way (including shared custody), this is just not the right group for you. There are many single parent MeetUps and I'm certain you'll find one with folks who share more similar experiences and better support in one of those. We certainly wish you the best!

HOWEVER - If you are already a parent by any circumstance and are now ALSO considering having another child as a solo parent - we are definitely the right group for you. See you soon!

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