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Attention all single parents! Do you want to take a fun vacation with your kids and also have fun with other single parents from the Triangle area that are in "the same 'boat'. The best way to do this is take a cruise designed organized to accomplish just that. There are incredible opportunities to vacation affordably with cruises to multiple awesome destinations. Let's get together and together we can plan that perfect vacation over spring break, winter holidays or during the summer months. You can help set the locale, type of ship and activities and you and your kids will make some great new friends in the process. I started this group as a result from my own experience on a recent cruise. We had a nice time and the kids were able to have multiple social activities with other kids but as a single parent my social options were limited since so many activities were either focused on two parent families and single couples. I really could have used the company of other single parents during many parts of the trip. And what a bonus if they were from my community!

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