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Being an adult and conquering a well lived, well balanced life is difficult. Especially, if you aim to be a “successful” individual. Being a parent; responsible for the livelihood and overall outcome of whole another life who ultimately did not ask to be here, is difficult. But you take and combine the task of BOTH of those demands: to be a well rounded adult and parent, ALONE, and you get: whatever word(s) BEYOND difficult, trying, challenging, frightening, draining, etc. that you could possibly find in the dictionary.

This group is intended for parents who have been dealt the unfortunate hand of going at the above stated, alone, with minimal, non-existent, or non-relatable support. This community has been developed and exists to provide empowerment, strength, encouragement, voice, wisdom, listening, development, support, uplifting, judgment-free accountability, etc. That you otherwise would not have access to . from like minded, understanding, relatable parents. No matter your story, background, race, religion, economic status, etc. there IS a place for you here, if you need one, few, or, ALL of the previously listed things this community has to offer! - Join is! Don’t journey this often overly underestimated difficult task alone, and don’t feel less of a person or weak because it is necessary that you have these things!

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