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***For solo parents (single, separated, divorced, widowed, adoptive, etc.) who are interested in talking about their experiences as lone parents, etc.****

Being a parent is tough, but being a single parent can be even more difficult at times. Figuring out how to manage children, work, relationships, alone time (even the few precious minutes we may get) can be really challenging. There are so many single parents out there that just don't get a chance to talk about all the multiple roles we take and the issues that may accompany them.

As a Los Angeleno and single mother I think it's important to hear the many sides of parenting in my community. I am also a professor and researcher (University of Edinburgh) studying single parenthood in the LA area. In my work, I've often found that most of the research concerning single parents are described from outside the group; my goal is to develop an understanding from WITHIN the group itself. So if you'd like to MeetUp over a coffee/tea/wine and bagel/pastry/insert personal preference (MY TREAT) to talk about your experiences as a single parent, please feel free to reach out to me.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please message me with any questions.


P.S. Below are a few links about my work :-)

-Researcher Profile, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aandrada013

-Centre for Research on Family and Relationships: http://www.crfr.ac.uk/people/associate-phd-students/

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Single Parent Symposium: Let's Chat

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Join us in connection with LA Single Mamas & Papas (SMAP's) MeetUp :-)

Enter driveway of apartment approx 6 buildings north of Venice Blvd; west side of street from Govinda Restaurant address below

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