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We talk about our careers, we talk about relationships, dating, sports, and how to get the most out of life! Let’s get out there and make life the best it can be!

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Relationship Coaching / Life Coaching

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Topics: 7:15-8:15: Women are like cats accept it, The friend zone and how to avoid and escape it ; being able to walking away from a partner and mean it. 8:15-8:30 Break 8:30-9:15: What are your non-relationship goals, and what are you doing to acheive them? As always we will have a schedule so people can come for one section or both. If your coming for the later section, arrive at the break. This is a BYOB event, please bring once dish to share with everyone As always I'm available for one on oner coaching, if this time does not work.

Online Dating Workshop / Career growth

The Coaching Location

Let's kick on the new year with a meeting, the first of many. Discussion on the following items: Hour One: 7:15-8:15 1. Making the best of Online Dating / Online dating tips and tricks / Why that you say in your online profile means EVERYTHING to your success 2. Texting..the devil that can ben killing your love life 8:15-8:30 Break 8:30-9:30 3. Making positive steps in your career. 4. Looking at your career and what it does for YOU and not what it does for your employeer. I am making the format this way so that people can attend the parts they want. Eveyone is welcome for both segments, or just one. This is a BYOB event (Bring your own beverage) and you should bring one snack/dish to share for food. If this time/day does not work for you, contact me about a one on one coaching session

Being Alpha means being strong but not an Asshole-Discussion

This is a topic that effects everything we do as men. There is a fine line between being true to yourself ("ALPHA"), and being an asshole/bully. Regardless of it being about your career, or getting what you want out of your relationships (friends, family, dating), finding this balance is the difference between doors opening and closing in life. Let's discuss. This is a BYOB event, bring a dish to share.

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