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Stop Chasing Rainbows - Learn Relationship Social Dynamics and have amazing fun

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Lets Stop Chasing Rainbows. Lets Have Fun - Lets Learn Relationship Social Dynamics and have amazing fun...

If you cant find the place or any other issues on the day - Feel free to call me 021 760 439 ( Tikiri ).

It has taken me many years to learn this and I am still learning. Join me on this path and lets seek for a deep identity level change. Lets make it as central as possible so its fair to everyone. Lets meet at Wynyard Quarter next to the parking ticket machine at the parking lot (intersection of Jellicoe St. and Daldy St.). Parking is brilliant cause $6 gives you 4 hours of parking :). Plenty of quiet spots or if the weather is bad or too much sun, we can get a table in one of the quieter restaurants. I will bring some sun screen for people who might forget :)

Tony Robins Style full immersion experiential learning is the most effective. Lets plan to spend a few hours as a group and perhaps even engage in a few practical exercises. The format is relatively free form experiential learning. After all the final objective is living in the moment, living outside our heads rather than stifled with internal self talk.

Lets start by looking at what is Confidence and why is it important.This is the first step in stripping away years of accumulated social conformance.Looking at this from a Zen / Tao point of view, Ekhart Tolle Power of Now, Tony Robins Personal Power 2, etc... Its a mix of deep learning and situational tactics.

Here is the cycle:

• Love comes in many forms.

• We seek love and fail at various degrees.

• Then we learn tactics.

• Then we become a master of tactics.

• Then we develop a core identity level change and tactics become secondary.

• Finally we find love.

This is just a starting point from which we can build on. There is too much to cover in a single meetup so lets just go through what we can and leave the rest (and more) for the next meetup.


Please complete the following two tests and write down your results.

1) 5 Personality Temperaments:

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2) 5 Love Languages Test (Single or not):

Please write down your results as this will provide clarity on some of the explanations.

Understanding our personalities:

1) Basic understanding of the 5 personality temperaments: Sanguine, Melancholic, Supine, Choleric and Phlegmatic

2) Basic understanding of the 5 love languages.

Understanding Negative Emotions:

Understanding the emotion "Resistance". Most negative emotions anger, fear, depression, anxiety etc... come from resistance.. The Zen explanation "State is a higher level of being and it threatens our ego and hence we experience resistance". Resistance is the emotion that we experience when we wish that the reality in front of us is in some different way. Identifying with the Resistance emotion is what feeds our negative emotions.

Understanding the zen principle "Never resisting the now" and "Right Action" which overcomes resistance.

Deep Core Identity Fundamentals:

1) Where does social conformance come from - The cause and effect.

2) Human Reticular Activation System and Backwards Rationalization (Why Perception is Reality)

3) Emotional evaluation vs logical evaluation and the perceived value model

4) Lets develop Emotional Mastery

5) Lets understand Situational Confidence versus Core Confidence

6) How to be at the cause and not the effect. Lets end reactive behavior patterns

7) Emotional Congruence and BMIR (Behavioral Manifestations of Internal Representations)

8) Managing positive state without having to rely on external factors such as validation from others, alcohol, chocolate / sugar / emotional eating, etc...

And a lot more as we go along...

Situational Tactics (NLP / Cognitive Psychology):

1) Reading basic body language.

2) Understanding rapport, pacing, mirroring / matching, leading

3) Reading Eye movements, Accessor and Processor distinction

4) Understanding Anchors,

5) Concept of The Map is not the territory and how reference experiences work.

And many more as we go along...

My Body is my temple:

1) Variations of Kimberly Snyder's glowing lean raw food smoothie.

2) Concept of virtually reverse aging our bodies.

3) Hormone balance and Managing our moods. Human Metabolic Pathways