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n a snack and beer.

Calling all happening SINGLE and UNMARRIED women between the age of 40 to 55 to join for local activities as meals, beer parties, picnics, music concerts, theatre, dance performances, flea shopping, monuments, sightseeing, day trips to surajkund mela, dilli haat, trade fair and travel together 1-2 times a year for 4-10 days to Goa, Bird Sanctuaries, national parks etc.

According to the Urban Dictionary (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=single%20woman), Single woman is defined as a female who prides herself in independence and freedom. She is the life of the party, and the inventor of fun! She lives an exciting, fast-paced life which many envy. However, late at night when her head hits the pillow, she dreams of finding that person with whom to share her life of hopes, dreams, disappointments, and adventures.


This group is not for single mothers or separated women. Having said that, if you are finished with your mutual consent divorce proceedings and have obtained a divorce certificate without bothering to fight for alimony and you have no children, then we welcome you to join us. This group is not for those meeting lawyers, visiting courts and contesting nasty divorce battles. This group is not for those who file 498 A dowry demand court cases to extort money from the man she is divorcing.

This group is not for lonely women searching for friendships. Friends or friendships cannot be found. They have to be built with time, caring and sacrifice and enjoying common interests. This group is not a Friendship Club. We hang out and some friendships may develop over a series of meetings and over a period of time and nothing may develop either !! So take it easy. Dont pick up your phone and start calling the members to get rid of your loneliness. And definitely dont start buying gifts to build friendships. We discourage whatsapping and encourage meetings.

This group is not for teetotalers. If you dislike liqour then do not join because you wont FIT in.


This group is for women who live life on their terms and on their hard earned money. This group is for women who opt for mutual settlement without alimony because they are successful and dont wish to spend an extra minute on the man they want rid of urgently and they find it humiliating to live off a nasty ex-husband's alimony. We invite :-

1. Single women who are between the age of 40 and 55 and have a strong need/urge to party out once a month.

2. Single women who are permanent residents of Delhi/NCR and not the floating population on a job or assignment or project. We meet with a long term goal of building a friendly local network, which is not possible if you are going to leave Delhi/NCR after few years.

3. Single women who are doing a stable and secure job/business that generates regular income. Unemployed single women dont make for stable or happy friends as they are constantly making plans to earn and they have no money for holidays.

4. Single women who love the high life- party dresses, make-up, fashion, accessories, foreign travel, adventure travel, pubbing, dancing, house-parties and beer

5. Single women who are not single parents. Children are a blessing but single parents are overly involved with their children to try and compensate for the missing parent. Such single mothers have no time for building social relationships with others. Their children are their top most priority and rightly so and this group is not for them.

6.Single women who are searching for a man/partner/husband but at the same time extremely happy to be single. Definitely, not suicidal or depressed. This is a positive group.

7. Single women who like men. Definitely not man haters. This is a positive group. Divorce makes women bitter towards men and many of us have never been married and we are not interested in listening to man hatred stories. Just because your experience is bad does not mean all men on earth are bad.

8. Single women who have minimum 1000 rupees to spend per outing per month and 30-40000 rupees per year to spend on her annual holiday to Goa.

9. Single women who have traveled Solo and can enjoy a non-committal holiday. As no one contributes Rs.35000 each to the organizer for a 8 night Goa trip, hence, making common trips or plans or itinerary are not possible. Once, you reach Goa, everybody has a different plan for the day. Some want to sight see or go shopping or get a tattoo, others want to try cuisine while others rather swim in the ocean. So it is not possible to have a common plan. We have seen women quarrel over the plan as well and not for just the money. Hence, we are wise now and share and pool money for hotel only. Rest nothing is common or shared. You can reach by train or air. After reaching you can plan your holiday the way you like. You are not tied to each other in any way except the common hotel stay which offers a sense of security as well as opportunity to have dutch breakfast together. So join this group for travels only if the non-committal style of holiday works for you.

9. Single women who drink alcohol (even if little) when they party out because its important to loosen up especially with companions.

10. Women who search for companions and not friendships as these take a LOT of time to develop and stand the test of time.

11. Single women who LOVE the outdoors and not whatsapping on mobile phones. We do not encourage whatsapping or whatsapp groups. If you are interested in traction then make a plan, sell it to us and come and meet.

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X-Mas & New Year in North Goa

Needs a location

Visit Immaculate Conception Church and SE CATHEDRAL on 24th night to witness the birth of Christ and listen in to x-mas carols. These are shut right now and will hopefully re-open by then.

Meet for x-mas lunch on 25th at Toro Toro's Garden Lunch (Baga), House Of Lloyds Christmas BBQ (Candolim), 7 Short 1 Long (Moira, Goa), Casa Playa's Xmas Lunch (Vagator, Goa) or at Fat Fish (Arpora)

Pub hopping in Toto's lane on New Year's eve and see the cracker show at Calangute.

In between we are on our own and can make plans for the day. Those who like the plan can join.

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