How To Really Connect With Others

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Watertown Center for Healing Arts (Charles River Room)

17 Spring St., Floor 2 · Watertown, MA , MA

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Go through the front door, up the stairs. It's easy to find.

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When you go to a meetup event (or any kind of social gathering), aren't you secretly hoping to meet people that you really connect with?

There's nothing like that magical feeling that washes over you when you go home thinking, "Wow... I met someone really great tonight!" A lot of people think that these experiences are rare, but it's not true. This can happen to you regularly once you know how to really connect with someone.

This is true whether you're looking to grow your social circle or if you're connecting 1 to 1. When you learn how to do it in a way that works, then every meetup and social gathering becomes much more fun because you get better results every time.

And that's what I want to teach you in a very unique workshop unlike anything you've seen before!


* Word-for-word what to say after you say hello in order to keep the conversation going effortlessly. Never get stuck for what to say again!

* Revealed: An advanced conversational technique that instantly makes people feel curious about you. Don't be surprised if people start telling you how fascinating you are once you begin integrating this technique into the way you normally speak. The best part? It's totally natural and easy to do.

* How to answer questions about yourself in a way that others find fascinating. This easy technique inspires others to want to get to know you better. Many students have told me that this is by far their favorite thing they learned from my workshops.

* The Instant Heart Connection Technique - This the fastest and most effective way to instantly add some "magic" to your conversation. It quickly and easily boosts the amount of connection someone feels with you in the moment. The best part? It takes only 3 seconds to do. You've never heard this one before, I guarantee it!

* How to end a conversation that will leave people feeling good about you and about themselves. If you've ever wanted to end a conversation with someone, but were worried about offending or upsetting them, then this is perfect for you.


Where is it? The seminar is conveniently located at the Watertown Center For Healing Arts which is a beautiful facility for an event like this.

What time? Please plan on arriving by 6:45pm. We start promptly at 7:00pm and go until 10:00pm (with a break in the middle).

How much? Cheap. We waste so much of our time and money on social events that don't bring us any real satisfaction. This is an opportunity to have a truly satisfying experience and really connect with other single people who are eager to get to know you.

So how much? Because I want to include as many people as I can, I've decided to keep the price very affordable so that anyone who wants to come will be able to. The cost for this event is only $20, which is very low considering the quality of experience you'll be getting.

Think about it... that's 67 cents a day for a month. What else do you spend 67 cents on every day that makes no difference in your life whatsoever? I promise that this will be well worth your time. You'll learn so much about yourself, about others, and you'll also discover how you can share more of yourself in every conversation you get into moving forward.

How big is the event? On average we get 40-50 people, and the age range is typically 35-60 (but all ages are welcome).

Go ahead and put in your RSVP right now in order to secure your spot. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.


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