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Join singles from Philly, NYC, DC, NJ & Boston for weekly dating advice discussions, dating app help and group activities. All events will be conducted online via Zoom or via our Video Speed Dating Platform.

We'll organize virtual murder mystery parties, trivia nights, game nights, dating discussions & workshops and virtal speeddating.

This group is for people looking for out of the box ways to meet other people and listen to interesting insights and advice from your Organizer, a certified dating coach, as well as other singles.

Age range for this group is 30's-60's.

All events will have a cost of $10-$20 to cover the Zoom platform, instructor/host fee and other software used to conduct events.

All members can use code MEETUP7 to save $7 off any event or service with an admission of $20 or higher.

Events are posted on Meetup as well as the sites below:


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Upcoming events (3)

Write The Best Dating Profile Ever Zoom Workshop

Online event


Get details & register here:

Read dating advice here:

Tired of meeting flakey people, ghosters and matches that are just looking for validation or a hook-up? This workshop is for people looking to attract relationship-focused matches and avoid the time-wasters.

Book a spot in this group session and learn:

*How to write an engaging bio or About Me summary to attract relationship-focused singles
*Exercises to help better describe yourself
*Ways to convey what you're looking for and describe your ideal match
*Phrases or admissions to avoid
*Why disclaimers like "No hookups!" don't work
*Photo do's and don'ts

Master Online Dating Zoom Workshop

Online event


RSVPs on this page are not reflective of total registrations. This event is posted across multiple group and social event ticketing platforms.

$39 -
Please prepay here https://www.dateologycoach.com/product-page/datingappsuccess


The "new normal" and Video first dates
Ghosting & why it's necessary
Dating app algorithms and how to make them work to your advantage.
This you might be doing to lower your visibility and getting your profile stuffed to the very end of the queue or even hidden.
Why people unmatch or ghost mid-conversation.
How to "game the system" to get your profile in front of the right people.
How to spot scammers and abusers
Effective Messaging Techniques
Common red flags and coded phrases that someone is unavailable.
Why people do things like post shirtless selfies or send bizarre messages
How to deal with the sting of rejection and how to bounce back from it.

Online Dating Mastermind Advice Zoom - Women Only

Online event


Get details & register here:

Read dating advice here:

Call starts at 6pm Eastern. Zoom links sent via email and text the afternoon of the call.

Group Mastermind Calls are designed to build community, educate and provide support for all attendees. Get peer-to-peer advice and support for common online dating challenges that women face.

90 minute call. Expect up to 12 people to be on this call. Zoom link sent the afternoon of the call via text and email.


Introductions and explanation of group discussion boundaries.
Presentation/Prompt for discussion
Group share and feedback
Q & A - (You are not required to stay for the Q & A portion)


Once everyone has logged on, we'll each introduce ourselves and I'll explain the boundaries and structure of the call.

Discussion will start with a prompt that aligns with the theme of the call - usually a piece of media - that we discuss. (If the media is an article, it will be distributed to all attendees at least 24hrs before the call so they have time to read it.)

Next, each attendee will be given time to share whatever experiences or challenges they would like to discuss. Each attendee will be allotted 3 minutes to present their question/challenge. Once shared, I'll provide feedback and open up the question to other attendees.

The end of the call will be a Q & A. Attendees are welcome to submit anonymous questions through Zoom's chat feature.

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