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What we’re about

We welcome all Christian singles and non married couples, (ideal ages 30's, 40's and 50's) to join us for Christian events and community activities. If you enjoy being with other Christians, attending Christian events or any of the following activities, then please join us at....
Concerts, various types
Happy Hours
Wine Tastings
Small Group Discussions
Community Events
We will also join up with a large singles group for larger scale events, mingling and community service activities.  This will provide additional opportunities to meet other singles who may not normally participate in a Christian group. Our members are encouraged to participate in any events of their choosing where space is available. Membership within this group is not necessarily an endorsement of any places we go or events that are promoted.
From this group we are hopeful to establish some short and long term small groups that can enrich the lives of all who are involved. They would include Bible studies, support groups and community minded people willing to make a difference in our cities.  We will encourage and coach future leaders to help us grow our small group culture, as well as accept contributions from members who wish to lead events as well.