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Show Me Your Colour For Singles

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WEAR something that represents yourself! A small accessory will do, but EVERYONE WANTS AN INTERESTING AND CREATIVE one!

(A drop of blood can represent my favourite colour RED and a piece of Mango cake tells you that I love YELLOW too) :P My idea! Dare you to copy!

**The Best Representation(s) of the night will get a free cocktail!**

**Free Entry!

**Everyone gets a FREE contemporary drink!!

**Lucky Draw

So now, tell me what's your colour?

1. Red represents passion and energy.

2. Yellow represents confidence and creativity.

3. Green represents freshness and hope.

4. Blue represents depth and trust.

5. Purple represents independence and mystery.

6. White represents innocence and purity.

Colour can be complex. Personality can be complicated. Is that possible to find the one by colour?

Let's just make it SIMPLE, STOP THINKING too much, GO OUT, COME!

**Please also remember to sign up at the bar in order to enjoy the buy 3 get 1 free offer.

**Any detail of the event, please contact me on +61 41 310 3180 (text or whatsapp).


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