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Really simple... we schedule an event...a lot of single people Meet-Up...we have FUN ... hopefully LEARN something about ourselves and other people... enjoy ourselves... go home happy... repeat process next time.

This is a fun and educationally experiential Meetup group... which means through exercises, discussions and activities like learning to dance and wine tasting we learn about ourselves and each other.

By creating a group of like-educated…like-minded singles, who also share in similar beliefs about dating and relationships, we also create a group of like-hearted singles, who then will have like-actions (and words).
This community of SAVVY Singles genuinely strive to be the best version of themselves and thereby support each other to be their best in developing their SKILLS and to be able to utilize those SKILLS4LIFE.

We provide opportunities to Meet-Up with other singles and…

…to educate and inspire singles to learn the SKILLS to FIND a relationship and also to KEEP it!

… and to be able to utilize those SKILLS4LIFE!

“ A successful relationship has a challenging paradigm;

how to dance a duet and 2 solos…at the same time”.



BARRY brings his talents, expertise, humour and unique style of "EDU-TAINMENT"

to this Meet-Up group with the mission ...

"to educate and inspire students with the transformational life SKILLS that will
abundantly 4Fill their lives and empower them to utilize those SKILLS4LIFE !"

To learn more about SKILLS4LIFE go to www.SKILLS4LIFE.ca (http://www.skills4life.ca/)

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How to get Un-STUCK...from being SINGLE!

Coast Capri Hotel

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W&A Bistro

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W&A Bistro

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