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Galapagos Islands Cruise!
2017 and early 2018 trips have sold out, so another trip for late 2018 has been opened. Galapagos Islands Cruise + Quito (9 days/8 nights) Trip Dates : November 12 - November 21, 2018 *2 SPOTS LEFT!* -OR- Galapagos Islands Cruise + Mainland Ecuador Tour (13 days/ 12 nights) Trip Dates : November 8 - 20, 2018 *2 SPOTS LEFT!* More details below : The Galapagos is not considered a 'cheap' destination. You can cut corners to make it more affordable by staying in land-based hotels and then do day trips out to some of the islands, but you would not get to see the more far flung islands this way. We have opted for a cruise because a land-based tour in the Galapagos puts you with many other tourists which can make each boat transit time as long as 2 hours one way (or more) on dinghy. We chose a cruise rather than a land-based experience, so that we can go to the more far flung islands that land based tourists will not get to see. We'll sail at night and then wake up at our next destination. The cruise is 5 days/4 nights. Most cruises are either a 4, 5 or 8 days. The 4 day cruise is a bit too short and the 8 day a bit too long. The 5 day cruise allows for just the right amount of time to explore the Galapagos. If you would like to look at the boat we'll be sailing around the islands, please click on the link below. The maximum amount of travelers on the boat we take is 16 people and there are 9 rooms available. This is a first-class, luxury boat and is one of the top 3 boats that sails in the Galapagos! Our boat in the Galapagos : The reason a smaller boat is better is because of the ease in which to do day excursions. Many tour groups opt for larger boats and in doing so you will have 50 - 100 other people that will be with you on the beaches and hikes making for a not so serene hike or tons of people in your pictures on "deserted" beaches. Also, you must load into a dinghy to get from the cruise boat to the islands and with over 50 people, the load time can take over an hour. So when you are on a small boat with a maximum of 16 travelers, it allows for a genuinely private tour. Your round-trip flight Quito - Galapagos is included in the cost of the trip, which is approximately $600. Most tours start in the Galapagos, so that means no taxi transfers, internal flights or hotel rooms are included. These can all come to a total of $1,000 or more. This trip has it all included and the only thing you must book is your international flight to and from Quito. There are 2 options for the Galapagos Cruise : Option 1 : Galapagos and Quito Price : $4,400 (If you write a check, you can get a $100 discount.) Option 2 : Galapagos and mainland Ecuador tour Price : $5,100 (If you write a check, you can get a $100 discount.) If you're only interested in the Galapagos cruise, Option 1 is best. If you would like to see Ecuador as well, Option 2 is best. If you compare these trips to the larger tours and see what is and what is not included, these trips are the best deal. Plus, you'll be sailing around the Galapagos Islands on a first-class, luxury boat! :-) Above : Devil's Nose train Both November 2017 and February 2018 trips have sold out as many are a bit worried about the rumors that some of the islands might shut down in the Galapagos due to negative impact tourism has had on the environment as of the last 2 years. Which islands will be shut down or when or if any at all has not yet been announced, so the November 2018 itinerary will remain the same. For more information, please visit : ( or email me at : [masked]

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