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This is a group for energetic travelers who like to explore around the world without being herded through the superficial schedules of commercial tours. If you like to go around see different countries, experience foreign arts and cultures, but have trouble finding someone to give you company, you are at the very right place. Single travel has the innate advantages of letting you create a unique trip for yourself and connecting you with people who would have similar interest in that trip. The advantages of traveling in group, on the other hand, are reduced stress of managing travel logistics, sharing costs and, overall, have fun. This travel club is targeting to combine the best of the two worlds. We are not a tour company and do not have pre-created tour packages. Here is how it works: the idea of a particular trip is conceived and initially researched by one of our members. The trip idea is then posted into the website along with the meet-up dates for brainstorming, itinerary planning, cost estimation and logistics of group bookings. Travel tickets would be mostly booked individually, but can be coordinated with the group. Finally the trip starts and all the fun begins!!

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Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in March
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This is rated as one of the top 5 treks in the world. It is a 4-day trek, 26 miles, but is rated "moderate"... I am not sure by whose standards. It's been on my wish list for a while and I'd love to travel with some cool people. I'm thinking December-end-ish.. but I am open to suggestions. Well.. December has come and gone.. so, it'll be March now :) If there's enough interest, we could have a local meetup to brainstorm and plan. Maybe you can say how sure you are on your RSVP (e.g. I'm 90% sure).

2015 Spring trip to Iceland
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Needs a location

Hi. I'm planning a trip between April and May for 4-7 days in Iceland and was curious if anyone would be interested in going with. I'm hoping to eat my way through the country as well as doing some really awesome sightseeing and hiking trips. Let me know if you'd be interested in going! I was planning on going alone but thought it might be nice to see if someone else wanted to check it out at the same time. Already looking into flights and airbnb spots.

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Galapagos Islands Cruise!

Charles Darwin Research Station

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