Disrupting Ourselves, Rethinking Leadership and Driving Compassion Exponentially

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On September 28th, Singularity University is delighted to host a special event with Nipun Mehta in London.

Our world today faces unprecedented challenges, rooted in multiple forms of disconnection. By losing connection to nature, we have created a systemic divide; by diluting connection with each other, we have manifested a social divide; and by ignoring connection with ourselves, we have deepened our spiritual divide. As these chasms widen at an alarming rate, everyone longs for reconnection.

How can technology help us reconnect? Today's social networks connect loose ties, but it dramatically cheapens our deep friendships. Big data helps us make smart decisions but it discounts our intrinsic connection to deep data. Artificial intelligence is now helping us automate the status quo, but we don't have any algorithm for inner transformation. And ultimately, if compassion isn't something we need to acquire but rather something we need to discover within ourselves (as science tells us), how can we build next generation technologies with a foundation of kindness and service?

Our speaker, Nipun Mehta, will share insights around these edges and stories from his global experiments at the intersection of technology, volunteerism and gift economy. He is the founder of ServiceSpace, a "labor of love" ecosystem of more than 500,000 members, whose projects range from DailyGood to KindSpring to Karma Kitchen. Nipun has received many awards like Dalai Lama’s Unsung Hero of Compassion award and in 2015, President Obama appointed him to a council on poverty and equality. His speeches on wide-ranging topics, underscoring a need for greater generosity, have reached millions world-wide. His mission statement in life simply reads: "Bring smiles in the world and stillness in my heart."