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People who like short walks – between 1 and 3 miles – often at places of particular or unusual interest. These places may be restricted in area – where a longer walk would not be possible – but because of their particular or fascinating interest we make use of them. These walks are held on the 1st Thursday of the month and 3rd Tuesday of the month – starting at 10:30 AM.

*After the short walk - one can optionally go for a coffee - which will be at the nearest suitable place.

*If you want a longer walk – then there is Easy Walker– between 4 to 7 miles – in more extended areas – with an optional meal afterwards.

Telephone number for questions – John – 07904402223 – you can call me in regard to any questions you have.

I get very many cold callers as it were – so if I don't know your number already – I may not answer it – in that case please text – saying it is about one of the walking groups – and I will call you. Once you have texted me though – saying it's about the walking group – I will then have your number and recognise it if you call after that. Many thanks JJ

DATES AND START TIMES OF WALKS for Sister of Easy Walker and also Easy Walker

Sister of Easy Walker – 1st Thursday of the month and 3rd Tuesday of the month – 10:30 AM

Easy Walker – 1st Saturday of month & 2nd Wednesday of month – 11:30 AM


PAPERBACK WRITER - I’m also organiser for Paperback Writer – if anyone is interested in that.

*due to not having the wonderful venue that we had anymore - Paperback Writer will go temporarily online.

When we had the in-person venue - the pattern was as follows:

Writers, readers (as well as bringing their own pieces – can bring interesting pieces to read that they have seen somewhere else) and is also a listeners group.

For PAPERBACK WRITER – my particular angle – is an underlying theme of short articles on AUTHENTICITY – what it is – what it is about – ‘how to do it’. This includes comedies on the theme of authenticity.

when we had a venue – it was held on the 2nd Monday of each month from 7 PM to 9 PM.

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Sister of Easy Walker next sister of Easy Walker meetings see link https://www.meetup.com/Easy-Walker/events On this interesting walk – we will also see the memorial for WWI & WWII – and it has a particularly moving statue within it. We go past the cricket ground – and look at many natural areas of Heath. *see details at the bottom for the 2 different types of walk. Also see PAPERBACK WRITER underneath the 2 types of walks. FOR QUESTIONS John[masked] (calls or text messages) *PLEASE ARRIVE 10.15 AM - FOR 10.30 AM START TIME & DISTANCE Time = 1 hour & 15 minutes Distance = approximately 2.0 miles WHERE WE MEET BROADSTONE RECREATION GROUND – Lower Blandford Road, Broadstone BH18 8NZ MAP The red arrow is in the right place – where I placed it – and the little narrow road leading to it – does not seem to show up on Google Maps. But there is a little narrow road where I have described it in the written description –*see Details of the directions just below:. THERE IS PARKING FOR APPROXIMATELY 20 CARS AT THE RECREATION GROUND ITSELF – you cannot park on Lower Blandford Road – you have to drive down the very narrow lane to the recreation ground that comes off Lower Blandford Road. Although there is parking on a service road off Lower Blandford Road – just opposite the entrance to the recreation ground. Details of the directions: see Screenshots in photos – see written description below – BROADSTONE RECREATION GROUND – Lower Blandford Road, Broadstone BH18 8NZ. You need to travel along Lower Blandford Road (B3074) – from Darbys Corner Roundabout, and as you’re going up Lower Blandford Road – you will see a road on the right called Barn Road – and just past this you will see a small island with a keep left sign – and *immediately past that on the right – is A VERY NARROW ENTRANCE – looks like a private road *this narrow road takes you to the recreation ground, where we park. On many maps – the actual entrance that leads to the recreation ground is not shown! But it has on a 7 foot high thin pole with a three-foot wide signpost on the top - by the pavement, on the sign is Broadstone Recreation Ground (*see 2 SCREENSHOTS in photos section – one showing the entrance on the right with the small sign pointing to the right – and the other screenshot which is just before you reach that entrance – that shows the keep left sign, as you're going up Lower Blandford Road). *When you reach the ‘keep left sign’ - the turning is just a few yards on the right - and is so narrow - one could miss it. *DESCRIPTIONS OF THE 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF WALK ON OFFER SISTER OF EASY WALKER These walks are between 1 and 3 miles. They are held in interesting, spectacular, unusual or even slightly quirky areas (meaning that they can vary a very great deal) and are in areas that would not normally be large enough for an Easy Walker walk. These are held on the THE FIRST THURSDAY of each month and THE THIRD TUESDAY of each month starting at 10.30 am. and with just a coffee or whatever afterwards. This may be the only opportunity in a walking group to see some of these unique, interesting or sometimes unusual little places. EASY WALKER next Easy Walker walks see link https://www.meetup.com/Easy-Walker/events These are the main walks – 4 to 7 miles & an optional meal afterwards. *These are held on THE FIRST SATURDAY of each month and THE SECOND WEDNESDAY of each month starting at 11:30 AM. For both these types of walks - these walks go all year round – but not when it’s raining – although we will sometimes consider a forecast of light showers. Some start points are not that easy to find - but then we wouldn't get those particular interesting places for our walk, otherwise. … PAPERBACK WRITER Alternatively – the Writer, Reader or LIstener in you might be interested in PAPERBACK WRITER on Meetup. https://www.meetup.com/Paperback-Writer/ This is held on the 1st Monday of each month from 7 to 9 PM. … ……………….

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