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“When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.”
― Adrienne Rich

And in my own words I say, "Mindfulness brings us closer to the truth." The unwavering beautiful truth of who we are.
The SisterWell Women's Circle is a mindfulness-based and trauma-informed wellness group for women who who are interested in asking deeper questions and who are open to their own deeper answers, women who are  ready to discover what is true for them, and to fully own and accept who they are, with love. The SisterWell Women's Circle is open to women of all walks and ways of life,  who want more support and connection on this brave and bold journey into what is beautiful and true. 
The SisterWell Women's Circle is gathering place and healing space for women who want to learn more about emotional and spiritual healing, mindfulness, meditation, trauma recovery, creative expression and other wellness practices. Together we will explore and cultivate Connection, Wellness, Awareness & Wisdom.

SisterWell Circle Women's Circle events will include two cornerstone gatherings:

> • The monthly Awakening Presence Women's Circle-

> One part connection, one part curious exploration, one part magic. Together these create a rich container for asking deeper questions, opening and awakening to deeper answers and truths. Each month will have a topic to guide our exploration. Each monthly group will gather on the 4th Monday of the Month, at 6pm Pacific time, via Zoom

> We will explore a variety of practices including:

> mindfulness and meditation

> creative expression

> mindfulness movement

> awareness practices

> sharing and discussion

> nervous system and emotion regulation

> signing or play

> ritual, ceremony or celebration

> etc.

> • The SisterWell Circle quarterly 4 month-8 session committed group-

> The SisterWell Circle is a mindfulness based and trauma informed wellness group for women who want more support and connection as they explore more depth and opening in their lives. The SisterWell Circle is open to women of all walks and ways of life, who are interested in asking deeper questions and who are open to their own deeper answers. It is a 4 month committed group, including a 4 hour mini-retreat, open to 10 participants. We will meet every other week for 2.5 hours, via Zoom, with the option for individual sessions in between classes. http://www.presencemindfulness.com/store/p1/The_SisterWell_Circle.html

> It is ideal for any woman who wants support in the following areas of her life:

> -addressing health and wellness issues

> -managing stress, anxiety, depression

> -learning to set healthy boundaries

> -navigating life transitions, facing uncertainty

> -healing trauma

> -processing grief and loss

> -addiction/dysfunction recovery

> -etc.

> Each SisterWell Circle will include:

> -experiential mindfulness practice

> -community connection

> -practices to regulate the nervous system and build resilience

> -practices to cultivate emotion regulation

> -group process and sharing

> -creative practices such as movement, writing or drawing

> -selected reading

All events facilitated by Nichole Proffitt of Presence Mindfulness

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Embodied Wholeness ~ A Counseling Group for Women Living w/ Chronic Illness

What if you could come home to your body and reclaim your wholeness, even while living with chronic illness or ongoing health issues?

To the women out there who are living with or healing from chronic illness and health issues, I have been thinking about you a lot lately.


Well, because I have been thinking a lot lately about what I needed most, but couldn't find, when I was in the throes of my own chronic illness journey (though to be frank, to say it was a journey is like saying I was just taking the dog out for a walk when most days it felt more like I was slaying a dragon).

Having been through the harrowing heroine's journey that living with a chronic illness can sometimes be, I know how tough it is sometimes, and how lonely it can be.

And if your story is anything like mine was, you have tried all the elimination diets, you have seen all the doctors, and have probably done all the spiritual practices. And yet, here you are. Still slaying dragons?

So I am here to say, you do NOT have to slay that dragon alone…though in reality this healing journey has very little (actually nothing) to do with slaying and a whole lot to do with learning to live, with love and acceptance, in a body, or with a health condition, that is doing its thing.

I am also here to say, though it might not feel like it right now, I guarantee you, it is possible to make peace with your body and to have compassion for the journey you have been on. It is totally possible to live an embodied and beautiful life (even if your condition does not change).

And it feels worth reminding that healing comes from the surrender, not from the fight (remember how I said there wouldn't be much slaying going on?).

So, here is the invitation…
-to come home to your body
-to cultivate a new relationship with your illness
-to learn to love and accept yourself just as you are
-to stop fighting and start accepting
-to be present, fully present
-to remember that no mater what is happening with your health, you are good. You are okay.

You are WHOLE!

If that is an invitation you are ready to accept, on February 4th, I am launching...

A mindfulness and counseling group for women living with chronic illness, who want to come home to their body and reclaim their wholeness!

EMBODIED WHOLENESS group members will learn to navigate the ups and downs of chronic illness or health conditions with ease, a sense of humor and empowerment. Through supportive pathways such as mindfulness and embodiment practices, practices to help calm and regulate the nervous system, emotion regulation, peer support, creative practices, and learning to manage the stressors of chronic illness, participants will forge a new and vital connection with life.

-Come home to your body
-Make peace with your illness
-Cultivate a whole new relationship with wellness based on compassion and acceptance
-Stop fighting and resisting
-Navigate the stress of chronic illness with ease
-Reconnect with your wholeness, regardless of your state of wellness
-Remember that you are a whole being and have a life beyond your illness
-Appropriately grieve and process the sense of loss that often comes with chronic illness
-Reconnect with beauty, joy and wonder
-Reconnect with pleasure in your body, even if your condition is still active
-And whatever else you want to explore

If this sounds like the next step in your healing (and not so harrowing) heroine's journey give me a call or send me an email… I would love to talk to you about joining Embodied Wholeness!

Oh, and some other Important details…
$540 per quarter/3 months ( =$85 per session)
Group members can remain in the group for as many quarterly sessions as feels supportive.
New group members will be admitted each quarter.

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Monday Morning Meditation: Resilient & Connected!

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