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If you are looking for nourishment, compassion, forgiveness, connection, safety, or more in a group of like-minded women then this is the group for you. My hope is to join together regularly (monthly, weekly, 2x a month?) to provide a rich community of support in which women can share, explore, heal, grow, and learn in a safe and loving environment.

My goal is to bring together a diverse group of open-minded women who are ready to celebrate their true selves, heal the sister-wound, and empower each other through Circles focused on the Divine Feminine. In circle we will share, meditate, explore self, soften soul wounds, find purpose, participate in bonding activities, and much more.

At this time, any woman age 18 to 118 and beyond is welcome to join.

Many have asked What is Circle?

Circle is the place where women gather to be seen, heard and loved. It is held in the living room of someone’s home or in a room designed specifically for circle. The women sit in a physical circle and go around so that each woman has an opportunity to share. I have found that it is important for every woman to know she has equal time for her voice be heard. There is a facilitator, or two co-facilitators, who make sure there is integrity in the circle by adhering to the circle agreements and guidelines. Here are some of the key distinctions for circle:

Circle is for every woman. This is not a clique nor a sorority. We are all mirrors of one another and so there is no woman who does not belong. We are not trying to create more separation with circle; we are creating unity, harmony, connection and collaboration. When we acknowledge our judgments toward one another and see that those judgments are our own shadow, we begin to have more acceptance of ourselves and others. We start to heal the division between humanity. We get to be the change in the world that has Palestine and Israel make peace.

Circle is a space for all voices to be heard. No one sits back just to observe and listen. Everyone is an active participant. Everyone’s voice matters.

Circle is like a wheel, not a pyramid. While there is a facilitator, that woman is not put on a pedestal and treated as separate. There is no hierarchy in circle. Each woman matters. We are each a spoke on the wheel, which means that we must all pull our weight. The wheel cannot turn without everyone understanding and believing that they are equally important in creating the structure of the wheel.

Circle is a place of abundance. We are giving and receiving in the circle. It is not about always showing up as your best self to give. Sometimes, a woman is down and needing to receive support. This is where we learn that everything we need is in circle because we have everything we need inside of us. While each woman is equal, the facilitator should be compensated for the work she does to hold the space. The lesson here is in valuing the container and the facilitator and seeing it as a mirror, valuing yourself.

Circle is sacred. When we step into circle, we honor the space. We come into a place of devotion — to ourselves, each other and the circle itself. We turn off the distractions. We stop the chatter. We treat it as holy ground.

Circle is safe. We feel safe by feeling connected to one another. We develop trust through our agreements with one another. Circle is a place where women can share the things they are afraid to speak and learn how to shine light on shame so it no longer exists.

Circle is a mirror. There is no judgment in circle because the part of you that I am judging is a part of myself I am not accepting. In circle we learn acceptance. You are my sister, reflecting both my shadow and my light.

Circle is empowering. When we feel disempowered in an area of our life, we can claim back our power in circle from the other women reflecting our brilliance. We leave the circle feeling recharged, filled up, energized and empowered to take action in our lives.

Circle is expansive. By being filled up with love and support, we leave the circle feeling expansive in the areas where we came in feeling contracted. This is the place to unwind, uncoil and let go.

Circle is life. There is no separation between circle and our life. The goal is to bridge the safe, sacred space that occurs for a woman in the circle and her other relationships so there is no longer a gap.

by Tanya Lynn Paluso of http://sistershipcircle.com/

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