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A diverse community of women come together to empower and inspire one another by sharing 'Life Lessons Learned', and feel a connection to those with the same commitment.


Any woman who has a passion or feels a commitment to support, empower and inspire other women, and believes her experiences or life lessons learned adds value for others.


A way to give back, or 'Empower Forward'. A unique opportunity to teach, and learn from a global community of women about everyday life lessons learned in a casual social setting.


If you are a woman interested in contributing to women empowerment through action, this is the group for you. No specific expertise required. The only pre-requisite, you went through it and came out with a lesson that may empower and inspire others. Join me in this movement to empower all women through sharing everyday real-life experiences. I've learned through trial and error what works well and not so well in any given life situation. From navigating finances and career, health, food & fitness, to safety & security, pet parenting, technology, choosing contractors, home maintenance and more. I believe as we learn, all women have a unique opportunity to 'Empower Forward' by sharing 'Life Lessons Learned', and strengthening a Global Sisterhood.

Join the movement to empower women forward. 'Sisterhood Sharing Sessions' is a virtual platform that offers all women a continual opportunity to view and share 'Life Lessons Learned', with occasional events and opportunities to meet up. In addition, offering unique and original opportunities to promote organizations committed to women empowerment. Visit our website, and view our introduction videos on our Youtube channel to learn more about Sisterhood Sharing Sessions (https://sisterhoodsharingsessions.com/home/) mission, and movement to empower and inspire a global community of women.


Quote | Whatever 'Good' I Can Do

Paraphrase Version:

'I shall pass through this life but once. Therefore, whatever good I can do, let me do it now. Let me not defer or delay it, for I shall never pass this way again'.

~Stephen Grellet

LEGACY OF GOOD: This movement is a 'Legacy Of Good'. My hope is to encourage every woman to join in to offer what you have to give in this life in good faith, and leave it as a collective legacy of your 'Good Deeds'.

~Tonya R.

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Link To Additional Sisterhood Sharing Sessions Intro Videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LzbjLqWzT0&list=PLBHHAOEwI7qt8dlJW648uGenhct808ZHl)

DISCLAIMER: ‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions’ is a non-political, non-religious format.

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