SRE Amsterdam: Journey to the cloud

Site Reliability Engineering Amsterdam
Site Reliability Engineering Amsterdam
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17:30 - 18:30 doors open and food
18:30 - 19:20 Lennart Timmers - Self-hosted to SaaS
19:20 - 19:35 Break
19:35 - 20:25 Stanislav Pogrebnyak - Multicloud operations
20:25 - 21:00 Drinks and networking

Talk 1:
Companies are making the move to change their self-installed on-premise product to a SaaS application. This introduces a lot of challenges such as scalability, multi-tenancy, and security. In this talk, I will compare the theoretical knowledge with stories from the field to see if there is a gap.

Talk 2:
Last few years, the idea that the cloud supposed to be just a commodity is getting stronger. We have a lot of state of art open-source tools that allow us to manage "compute", abstract away from the cloud APIs and build truly unique products leveraging best from all available options.

- How did you end up with multiple clouds in your organization? A few war stories from real companies.
- What are the biggest strategical differences between the top 3 clouds?
- Multicloud challenges
- Projects Anthos, Arc, Volterra ...
- Hashicorp cloud operations model

Don't lock yourself with a limited choice fallacy! Go multicloud!