SRE Meet-up/Talk: Building a Dynamic DNS Infrastructure

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We'd like to welcome you to an SRE meet-up at Squarespace. As we expand our SRE team in Dublin we'd like to play host to the community, welcome you into our space, tell you about some of the work we do (and feed you snacks and beer.)

There will be a couple of talks, including:

Building a Dynamic DNS Infrastructure, with Khalid Hasanov

Changing a critical and low-level part of main infrastructure is challenging - a lot can go wrong. DNS is one of the key pieces of infrastructure at the bottom of everyone's technology stack.

This talk will walk you through the design and launch of Squarespace's new DNS infrastructure and highlight how we transparently migrated from a legacy Bind based DNS infrastructure to a PowerDNS based infrastructure without the users noticing it.

Building a Service Mesh with Envoy, with Doug Jones

Squarespace has been pursuing microservices and self service infrastructure with Kubernetes to help keep up with the amount and complexity of the software we write and operate. To keep up with the growth and demands on our systems, we’ve begun to build a service mesh using Envoy.

This talk will describe Squarespace’s motivation to pursue service mesh technology. It will describe how we are integrating the Envoy proxy into our system and how we are building a service mesh control plane.

Self-Service Infrastructure is Useless if No One Knows How to Use It, with Kevin Lynch

Kubernetes and other cloud native tools help us provide a reliable self-service foundation within our data centers so developers can confidently focus on building more reliable, available, and secure services. This session highlights the challenges in successfully providing a self-service infrastructure and enable developers to use the system confidently.


For capacity planning reasons, you must RSVP in order to attend, and you must have a valid photo ID. We'll be accepting registrations until space fills.

The event will be held on Thursday April 26th at Squarespace Dublin's office which is located on Ship Street Great, Dublin 8. Doors open and food will be served at 6pm with the talks starting at 6.30pm.

Call for presentations:

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