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Sitecore User Group Ecuador Session 9 (Online - English)

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Santiago M. and Richard Leiva .


Subject: Smart Experience Forms

Do you have WFFM (Web Forms for Marketers) running into your solution? and do you want to migrate it to Experience Forms? or do you want to learn about Forms? In this session you will learn how to create forms, add them to a webpage, common mistakes and so on. Come and check out the session and have fun learning Forms!

-Forms and Elements
-Form Actions
-Simple Form
-Success/Thank you Page
-Adding to web page
-Custom Submit Action
-Custom Validation
-Custom Control
-Demo Time
-WFFM Vs Forms
-What's new in Sitecore Forms 9.1 and 9.2
-Common Errors
-Blog Resources
-Questions and answers

Speaker: Madhu Anbalagan

Madhu Anbalagan is a software professional working with Sitecore for the last 10 years, and is currently working for Connective DX in Boston, MA.

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