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Sitecore User Group Session 11 (In person - Spanish)

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Richard Leiva . and Santiago M.
Sitecore User Group Session 11 (In person - Spanish)


This is a Sitecore community in Ecuador to collaborate and share knowledge between professionals and newbies who want to learn about Sitecore.

7:00 - 7:20 pm: Networking
7:20 - 8:30 pm: Presentations

  1. Sitecore 9 Automation Plans and how to add custom activities types to the Marketing Automation UI

While most developers are familiar with the CMS aspects of Sitecore, Sitecore 9 provides users with a great suite of marketing and analytics tools like its Marketing Automation Plans. In this presentation, we are going to cover a quick overview of what are Automation Plans in Sitecore 9 (previously known as Engagement Plans in older versions) and how we, as developers, can add custom Activity Types to this Marketing Automation UI.


• Daniel Pastor:
Daniel is a Sitecore certified Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience in web development and 2 years of experience with Sitecore implementations (and a full-time geek). He holds a MSc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from McNeese State University.

  1. Sitecore Processing Engine - Demonstrating Sitecore Cortex Capabilities.



• Richard Leiva:
Richard is a Sitecore MVP with over 5 years of experience working on Sitecore projects for multinational agencies. Richard holds an MSc. Advanced Computer Science degree from the University of Manchester.

  1. Sitecore MVP Program.

This session will cover general topics about the Sitecore MVP program, how to effectively contribute to the community and the steps to become one.


• Santiago Morla:
Santiago is a Sitecore MVP with over 8 years in Sitecore implementations with a great passion for .NET technologies.

Join Us! We will be offering beers and pizza ;)

Dirección: Pampite y Chimborazo esquina, Auditorio Centro de Negocios la Esquina.

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