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Sitecore User Group - Minneapolis/St. Paul - Q4 2019

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Sitecore User Group - Minneapolis/St. Paul - Q4 2019


Sign in to Meetup, then RSVP for this meeting using the RSVP button or "Are You Going?" button on this page.

Free group membership; free meeting registration; free parking and free treats.

More user group meetings will be scheduled for 2020 at the same meeting venue.

For questions and comments about the user group, contact one of the organizers (Katie F, Jason H, Ben G or Jason W) anytime via Meetup.


Session #1

Details coming soon!

Top 10 Performance Tips to speed up your website - (Presented by Sheetal Jain, Sitecore Practice Lead, Horizontal Digital and Kiran Patil, Sr. Tech Lead, Horizontal Digital)

Did you know "40% of people will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.". Sitecore provides great framework to achieve your user's needs. But it takes some art and science to build highly performant website. In this session we will cover few key Sitecore performance tuning aspects. Sitecore Caching, Sitecore Profiling, Few tools to troubleshoot and fix your performance issues.

Session #2

Solve the Content Crisis: Looking deeper into Sitecore Content Hub (Andy Cohen, Sitecore)

Session #3

Symposium Recap by Ben Golden

Panel Discussion:

Post Sitecore Symposium recap - We will be discussing key take away's from the years event.

If you have a question you want answered by our panel please message Katie Fitzgerald via Meetup.

The networking doesn't need to end there. There is usually a group that heads over to Tavern 23 (just around the corner) for a few adult beverages after the user group. Please feel free to join us!

Please contact, one of the organizers if you are interested in being part of our Q1 Sitecore User Group - MSP! #SUGMSP

7650 Edinbourough Way, Suite 330 · Edina, mn