What we're about

Welcome Scrummagers!

The rugby world awaits! Whether it's the annual Six Nations Festival, the Autumn Tests, Glasgow Warriors or days out for the 7s - and more - you'll find us at the match or in the pub!

Who's your team? It's Scotland all the way for me.

Whatever team you support, whatever nation you are from we are all friends so let's get together for the ABG of rugby - Atmosphere, Banter and Guinness (other drinks are available!!)

Come and join us in the pub. Savour each passionate moment on the big screen (if we can get close enough!). Or let's go to the match.

Whether you are an ardent fan, a rules-expert, a former or current player - or just want to marvel at the hunks of international beef on the pitch - ALL are welcome. Fun and friendly folks only! No policitics. No religion. No footie fans diving over a blade of grass either!!


When I've arrived in the pub, I'll place a comment in the comments box. Please do the same if you can't find us or text me - before each game, I'll email my mobile number to those who are attending.

The pub will be busy. There's no guarantee of a seat (very little chance, in fact, for the bigger games). There's no guarantee that we'll be stood together in a group but I'm sure we can mostly squeeze in and enjoy the atomosphere.

Come on Scotland!


PS If you're interested, I run 2 other Meeetups in Glasgow so come and join us there too:

Think On Your Feet - for people who want to boost their confidence in public speaking, debating and even just conversation http://www.meetup.com/ThinkOnYourFeet/

Not So Young Professionals! - socials for professionals only, aged 35+ http://www.meetup.com/NotSoYoungProfessionals/

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