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What is Skeptical Charlotte and Mecklenburg?
Skeptical Charlotte And Mecklenburg (ScAm) is a non-profit educational organization founded to promote science education, reason, curate a skeptical social and activist community as well as be a media resource in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area.

What is skepticism?
Skepticism is the method of using formal logic to determine the validity of claims. It uses a tool set based on knowledge of the short comings of data collection and biases such as knowledge of logical fallacies and problem solving principles to establish facts from misconceptions or fabrications.

What isn’t skepticism?
Skepticism is not cynicism, denialism or pessimism. It doesn’t make any claims about what is or isn’t until the evidence has been evaluated unlike systems that start with an answer and seek to prove but not disprove that answer. It has no beliefs about what what is true but is a methodology for helping to determine what is true.

How can you be part of ScAm?
Visit and like on our Facebook (, subscribe to our Twitter ( account, take part in our social gatherings, put you and your skill sets forward and discover the skills of others to help our community, Charlotte and the world move forward with goal friendly to the advancement of science, logic and skepticism.

Is ScAm part of any other skeptic organization?
At this time we are still formalizing the group structure. We are not part of Skeptics in the Pub (, New England Skeptical Society (NESS) (, James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) (, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) ( at this time. This may change down the road.

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