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The purpose of this Meetup is to discuss Christianity and other propaganda. We will focus on the excellent articles in two magazines - Free Inquiry and The Skeptical Inquirer, the two major publications of the Center for Inquiry. Summaries of some of the articles from each issue that you might find provocative will be posted on our Message Board. Just go to the "More" tab on this site to find that. You can also "add a reply" to provide your comments (which will be screened by the organizer). You can subscribe to these magazines via the Internet in either electronic or paper formats by going to www.secularhumanism.org (http://www.secularhumanism.org/) and www.skepticalinquirer.org (http://www.skepticalinquirer.org/). Sometimes you can find the hard copies on the newsstand at bookstores.

You will probably appreciate our discussions if you are willing to question the claims of religions, New Age spiritualism, alternative medicine promoters, and the paranormal, including astrology, ESP, and space alien abductions. We also question claims that the United States should be a Christian nation with laws based on outdated Biblical teachings steeped in myth and superstition.

Secular Humanism is a way of life based on the positive application of scientific skepticism and free inquiry to the resolution of human problems - rather than the authority of religious leaders or people claiming to be gifted regarding the paranormal. It is inspired by natural beauty and human artistic expression. It is guided by the ethical principles of personal integrity, responsibility, and compassion, and the social principles of liberty, equality, minority rights, justice under law, and environmental responsibility. Humanism recognizes that our values come from our human nature, our various cultures, and our personal experiences, rather than divine revelation or the authority of those who claim to be “ministers of God.” Secular Humanists may be vocal activists or quiet humanitarians.

You might want to also join a national organization like the Council for Secular Humanism or the American Humanist Association. If we could spread an understanding of Humanism, that might take the edge off fundamentalist fervor, when they learn that so many of their neighbors have doubts about the beliefs they feel so strongly about. We might help discourage Christian fundamentalism as a response to Islamic fundamentalism. We can promote ethics without gods and the separation of church/state.

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