What we're about

This is a group where skeptics and a pastor open up the Bible to talk about the Bible's claims. This is not an invitation to Christians but to skeptics. If you are skeptical of Christianity and up for an honest and real conversation about faith and doubt, in an environment that you aren't outnumbered, this is a great group for you.

Upcoming events (2)

Creation (Genesis Chapter 1)

Panera Bread

A thoughtful discussion of Genesis chapter 1. All are encouraged to share their views of creation/evolution. We will also look at the variety of different ways Christian theologians have explained the creation story throughout the years. Their views might surprise you. See you there!

Creation of Humanity (Genesis chapter 1 and 2)

Panera Bread

A discussion about God's creation of humanity from Genesis 1 and 2. Bring your thoughts and feelings about humanity, where we came from, and the essence of who/what we are.

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