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Cara Santa Maria Visits Hong Kong and South China
The Hong Kong Society for Science and Skepticism and Dongguan China Skeptics in the Pub are pleased to announce our sponsorship of Cara Santa Maria’s upcoming visit to Hong Kong and South China. Cara will be with us starting November 27th and will return to the USA on December 4th. During her visit, we will plan opportunities for special events in Hong Kong and the Dongguan area of China. Cara Santa Maria is a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award winning journalist, science communicator, television personality and producer. Cara has made appearances on BBC America, CBS, CNN, Current TV, Nat Geo WILD, The Science Channel and other popular media outlets. In addition to her background as a science reporter and communicator, Cara hosts her own Podcast, “Talk Nerdy.” She also appears weekly as one of the rogues on “The Skeptics Guide to the Universe” podcast. As her visit gets closer we will announce specific dates and venues where people can come out and experience Cara’s special brand of science communication. To learn more about Cara’s background and projects, visit her website, Anyone who would like to help with some of the advance work, or would like to contribute to the cost of her visit, please send a message to any of our organizers.”

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All over the world the "Skeptics in the Pub" phenomena has been growing and we have brought it to China. We meet monthly in the philosophy of dedicating our minds to inquiry.

"Upon this first, and in one sense this sole, rule of reason, that in order to learn you must desire to learn, and in so desiring not be satisfied with what you are already inclined to think, there follows one corollary which itself deserves to be inscribed upon every wall of the city of philosophy: Do not block the way of inquiry.”
—Charles Sanders Peirce, "First Rule of Logic"

Our mission is to support scientific education, critical thinking and an evidence based understanding of the natural world and the way things are throughout the cosmos. Through this, we hope to reduce the negative influence that superstition, pseudoscience and unscientific claims have on individual thinking and decision-making.

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