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Greetings Skeptics of Tucson (and areas surrounding). The Skeptics of Tucson have been quiet for too long. it's time to reinvigorate the organization, there is so much to be skeptical about. The purpose of the group is to create a skeptical environmnet and where it is safe to take on the superstitious, the frauds, and the willfully ignorant...well at least we'll talk bad about them. It's an opportunity to check in and check out our own sanity. Everyone with a skeptical (not cynical) bend should join. You'll get socialization, mental challenges, and the opportunity to express your own feelings on a variety of subjects. Membership is free.

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Skeptics in the Pub

Dante's Fire

Happy Birthday to Nancy at Dante's Fire

Dante's Fire

Shelley Segal Performance

House Of Bards

Rize Up with Roy Zimmerman

Duval Auditorium, UA Medical Center

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