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Sketch Meetup #1

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Ivana M.
Sketch Meetup #1


Dear Sketch people,

Our TBA is finally A!

You can think of it as a warmup for the presents season, because oh boy do we have gifts! We are prepared with stickers, pins and maybe even some licenses?

Join us at the meetup, mingle and have fun!

We'll have three talks:

Talk #1: Marko Vuletič ( “Sketch workflows and tricks”

In this introductory talk, our special guest from Ljubljana will show us how to improve our current design process.

Marko created a platform called Sketch Tricks where he teaches people how to use Sketch to design web and mobile user interfaces more effectively. He is also an organizer of Sketch & Design meetups in Ljubljana. He has over six years of professional design experience, specializing in mobile UI/UX design. Apple featured five of the products he was responsible for in the last two years. Recently he co-founded a digital design agency called [Collisio]( focusing on providing top-notch services to startups and established med-to-hi businesses.

Talk #2: Emanuel Miličević ( ) “Hey is there a plugin for…?”

This talk is for all smart, yet lazy designers who want to focus on experience and beautiful design, and not on pushing pixels. Yes, there are plugins for that in Sketch.

Emanuel is an experience designer interested in Human-Computer Interaction and Psychology. As a Design Team Lead at Infinum he works on mobile and web apps. Emanuel is a mentor and lecturer at Infinum Design Academy. When not working, you’ll find him writing sentences about himself in third person.

Talk #3: Gordon Cindrić ( “Self-hosted Sketch Design Hand-off“

This talk will focus around delivering Sketch designs to clients or frontend developers without using or having to pay for external services such as InVision, Zeplin or Marvel. Although having it's limitations in an agency environment, this delivery method is very well suited for freelancers working on app design projects that are not being continuously developed but rather just - end.

Gordon is an all-around tech lover and design generalist with over 10 years of various experience producing multimedia content. Last 4 years focused on things related to the UX design of digital products. Last year spent full-time freelancing and developing his own UX design business with clients from around the world.

See you there!

The meetup is free, thanks to our wonderful sponsors:
Emondo (organization of the meetup)
Algebra (venue sponsor)
Sketch (swag and goodies)
Toptal (refreshments)
Algebra Visoko Učilište
Ilica 242 · Zagreb
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