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Hello dear Sketch people,

We would like to invite to our annual Sketch meetup! That was a joke, we really hope to make them more frequent this time :)

The meetup will be held on[masked]. in the new Algebra LAB - the black building in Ilica 242.

There will be pizza! 🍕🍕🍕

After the meetup, if you feel like staying and networking a bit more, we reserved a few tables in the cafe in the same building called Linea.

During this year we networked a lot, which let us present you with new and interesting talks! We prepared three fresh topics, one is a case study of a recent user research, the other is how to deal with consistency in larger projects, and the last one is how a dev sees the world (leave your pitchforks at home).

Talk #1
Lora Pleško,
UX case study: Chasing after Sign ups

This talk covers Lora’s latest user testing on how to attract guest users to subscribe. It is a fresh from the oven talk about what her team learned about user habits and wishes about an unknown app.
With over 10y of experience in IT, Lora Pleško, co-founder of Design and Development Agency Mašinerija, has covered several positions throughout her career, from testing, business analyst, UX designer to PMP certified project manager. Having worked mostly on products for US startups, Lora is very familiar with designing a product from ground up and she finds that the greatest value lies in user testing, as an unavoidable part of business goal validation, as well as user experience validation.

Talk #2
Renato Mandić,
Dealing with complex text styles

One of the biggest obstacles in the design process is keeping everything consistent. In order to help us stay consistent with the typography in our designs, Sketch introduced Text styles feature a long time ago, but now more than ever is the perfect time to start using them. Let me show you how I set them up and organize them for my projects!
Renato is a self-taught designer working at Infinum on various interesting and exciting projects. Before Infinum, he freelanced on smaller projects for a tourism agency in Rijeka. Also, he has an experience working in a startup as a front-end developer and designer.

Talk #3
Robert Kavgić,
Bridging the gap between design and development

The final product differs a lot from the initial design?
Let’s try to reduce that gap by going through the most common design-development mistakes and how to avoid these.
In this talk, Robert will share some tips to minimize the difference between initial design and end-product and improve the team efficiency.
Robert is an experienced frontend developer with over 10 years of experience in various development branches.
As a freelancer and a founder of the development company Simple Code, Robert has been involved in numerous projects - from large-scale demanding ones to smaller, simpler ones. In his spare time, Robert is exploring new wonders in the development world and improving his development skills.

Come one, come all! See you at the meetup!



ALGEBRA is providing the venue,
SKETCH is providing the goodies and licences,
TOPTAL is providing refreshments, and
EMONDO DESIGN is making everything possible <3

Toptal is a network connecting the world’s top talent with leading global companies.
It does game-changing work with innovative companies around the world.
Right now there are opportunities for software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers with more fields to come.
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