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Ski Training Scuba Diving Meetup is a group with a difference. Yes, like many other sports oriented Meetup groups, we want to have a great social time getting and staying healthy through the sports we participate in.

But before you decide to join us, we must emphasize that during the winter, we are a niche ski group that may not be suitable for everyone or even every skier.

We believe there is ALWAYS room for improvement in terms of sports related skills. This is especially true for a sport like snow skiing. So we are a uniquely ski improvement training focused group.

Our skiing objective is as follows;

"To help people discover skiing safely and improve skiing technique for those who already ski so that everyone can enjoy more of the mountain"

These are the categories of alpine skiers who can benefit from our ski program;

First Time 'Never-Evers' (Never Put On Skis Before) Who Want To Try Skiing

Beginners & Intermediate Level Skiers Who Want To Improve Their Skiing

Advance/Expert Skiers Who Want To Train Towards CSIA Level 1 Instructor Level

If you are in one of the above categories, our ski events which are centred on ski lessons, will suit you perfectly.


If you are already a CSIA certified Ski Instructor but have minimal or no experience in teaching full ski classes, we can also help you. We can teach you how to run great 1.5 to 2 hour ski classes and improve your assessment as well as teaching skills. Because we will be taking the time and effort to train you in a practical setting with real ski students, this training would be considered as ski lessons in our group.

However, as a ski training niche group, our ski events are NOT for skiers of any level who do not want to take ski lessons with us and just want to carpool as well as free ski with others. There are other Meetup groups more suitable for your needs if this is the case. Please take this into serious consideration before you decide to join our group.

NONE of our ski events will be suitable for you and we would suggest that you check out other groups instead. If you have already joined our group, then there will be no hard feelings if you leave our membership since as a niche ski training group, we just cannot accommodate your needs with our type of ski events.

Our founder and group organizer, Clint Cora, is a professional working downhill ski instructor certified by the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA). Through Meetup, he has run many ski improvement day and weekend trips for several years. He has also been on staff for many years with the ski schools at Glen Eden and Gray Rocks (Quebec).

To set an example of a continuing learning philosophy, Clint regularly attends ski training workshops for instructors conducted by higher level ski coaches each winter although he is already a CSIA Level 2 ski instructor who has been teaching for over 14 years and skiing for over 40! He clearly believes that there is always room for ski improvement even at the instructor level.

During the off-ski season, snow skiers tend to be an active bunch so our group continues with active events which also serve to keep everyone socially connected all year round rather than just during the winter ski season. Our other main focus particularly during the off-ski season is scuba diving.


Although we do not teach scuba diving, we will be more than happy to point you in the direction where scuba diving certification courses are run and we occasionally run Discover Scuba sessions too for people to try it out in a pool. For certified scuba divers, we run dive trips to tropical destinations as well as summer weekends to local Ontario dive spots like Tobermory and Brockville.

There are not too many groups out there for scuba divers so we hope to fill a niche for certified scuba divers who would like to dive with a social group to both tropical and local destinations. In the past, we have run dive trips to Hawaii, Roatan/Utila and Mexico. Clint is a NAUI certified Master Diver and we have members in our group whom also hold scuba diving certifications ranging from Basic to Divemaster.

Our members can have access to joint events with our partner Meetup group GTA Free Spirits which feature full hiking programs during the spring and autumn seasons. These include both midweek nature trail hikes as well as longer weekend day trips to scenic out of town locations. All of the hikes we participate in are small dog friendly for dogs 25 pounds and under since we also partner up with a Small Dogs Outings Meetup group.

Just join up with GTA Free Spirits Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/gta-FREE-SPIRIts/) if you wish to have access to one of the most active Meetup groups based in the Mississauga and surrounding areas.


In addition to hiking, Clint Cora, who is also a former member of the Canadian National Karate Team and a karate world champion, brings his Total Body Stretch, Strength Training With Dumbbells and his very popular Effective Self Defense seminars to our members several times per year for free!


Most of these events will NOT have any event fees for our members (with the exception of very modest fees for ski lessons) and there will NEVER, ever be a mandatory Meetup group membership fee at Ski Training Scuba Diving Meetup.

The main themes of Ski Training Scuba Diving Meetup are naturally ski improvement during the winter and scuba diving plus hiking for the rest of the year.

Even if you are presently just a beginner skier or even somebody who has never skied before but would like to learn, we can accommodate you each winter here through a special event called Discover Skiing which specifically caters to first time (or second time) snow skiers in a safe, fun environment.

So if you are a skier who would like to keep improving your skills or a 'never ever' who would like to try snow skiing in a great social setting and/or be connected to a local scuba diving network, Ski Training Scuba Diving Meetup is for you.


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