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For who: Skiers and snowboarders and anyone who wants fun in powder snow!

Are you a skier or snowboarder? Or have you been dreaming of learning those? Look around you… how often can you find like-minded people in this tropical climate who shares that same passion?

Let’s gather to exchange tips on skiing and snowboarding, and start making plans for this winter!

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West Coast USA / Dec '16 - Feb '17
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Anyone interested? Nothing is set in stone but looking at Lake Tahoe (NoCal) or Mt Hood (Oregon), and Whistler (Canada). In fact, I just reconnected with two bunch of friends who travel from Montreal and NY to Whistler and Lake Tahoe. For Whistler it's possible to fly in Seattle and then take a bus to the mountain (or if there's a quorum, rent a car).

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Ski / Snowboarding trip - Austria

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