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Skiing for Over 40 Singles
Do you go on winter sports holidays alone? Join us and go with friends. We welcome both skiers and snowboarders.
Even if people are of wildly differing ability, it is good to meet for lunch and get together in the evening. Share a room and avoid the single person supplement.
The group is not exclusively for the over 40s. Having a common interest in winter sports and other outdoor sports offers members endless social possibilities.

Note. Members of the group are self-selecting and there is no approval process. Exercise due caution when engaging with other members. It is better to communicate via the event and discussion pages rather than private messages.

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Cairngorm Mountain

CLICK RSVP TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST IN PRINCIPLE. WHEN A DATE IS SET FOR THE TRIP, A SEPARATE NEW EVENT WILL BE ANNOUNCED. How does, two days mountain skiing on the cheap, sound? It starts with the careful monitoring of the weather. What is wanted is an arctic wind and snow coming from the northeast. Usually, there will be four days notice. The storm will last for two to four days then the weather breaks. Cairngorm is covered in snow but the roads are blocked. When the road up the mountain is cleared there are conditions to match the best alpine resorts. Commitment is required within 24 hours, to travel five or six days later. The White Lady red run with the mid-station centre of view. That gives about six or seven days notice but we must book accommodation straight away. Others are also watching and beds quickly disappear. I can take three others and myself in my car but there are six beds at the Mellon Patch. If we have two cars going then it will be a driver and two passengers each. I know that some people will be thinking that they would like to go for the weekend but weekends are to be avoided. The whole of Scotland will want to ski if conditions are good. Not only will accommodation be difficult but also equipment hire. And most of our time will be spent standing in queues. We rest in the evening and meet up at my home at 0100h. There is space for two cars on my driveway. We drive north through the night and at 0800h buy the first lift passes. We ski all day until the lifts close. The adrenalin keeps us going. Then to a five star bed and breakfast called the Mellon Patch, 17 miles away in Carrbridge. On arrival, a quick shower and straight out to the pub for food. As driver, I am in bed by 2030h and pushing out the zzzzzs until breakfast. The next day we are on the first lift and ski until 1500h. Arrive back south about 2100h. If two nights accommodation were preferred, I would love to do two nights. I have done this many times and will be only too pleased to share my petrol cost with others. Links Cairngorm Conditions (http://www.cairngormmountain.org/lifts-pistes/) The Mellon Patch (http://www.mellonpatch.com/) The rules on RSVPs are a little different in this case. RSVP if you are interested in the concept of a short trip to Scotland. At this time there are no dates so it is clear that RSVPing is not a commitment to going. When the weather starts arriving, a new separate event will appear where an RSVP means that you intend to go. If we have an odd number of people going then we will all help out with the one single person supplement.

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