What we're about

Hi. Please contact me for your interest in the community ethos via organising Skills Exchange community events in the city.

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We explore human potential and imagination. We want to grow, connect and inspire. The Skills Exchange community is open-hearted, humanity-lifting and intelligent. We want safer digital-and-offline local communities to learn-teach-connect. There never will be enough rules to stop unsuitable behaviour; may community ethos and personal intuition be our guide. We believe there's space and material for each to flourish; we encourage inclusive, healthy and intelligent communities worldwide. Where words fail, may faith and generous love never.

Vision-mission of Skills Exchange group?
An open-hearted intelligent community that acts to lift humanity via learn-teach-connect

What we do in Skills Exchange group?
Learn-teach-connect. Two parts:
1. Skills Exchange events
2. Skills Exchange 1-1

Why Skills Exchange event?
1. we like to meet,
2. meeting as a community builds trust, advances understanding and creates opportunities for potential Skills Exchange partners to meet; as part of every event, each attendee will tell what they’re looking to learn-teach,
3. there's a topic, interesting for local Skills Exchange community to explore

Skills Exchange 1-1?
For example, you teach me French or personal branding, I teach you dance or painting; we work out our learn-teach arrangement.

What opportunities are there?
1. Be in a local Skills Exchange Team that organises events [ask us]
2. Enjoy a local Skills Exchange Event [Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Saigon, Singapore]

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May anyone post?
Yes, nicely.

What post may I put up?
1. Skills Exchange request, self-introduction
2. Post that inspires open-heartedness and humour
3. About your skills exchange and Skills Exchange events

Putting up a Skills Exchange request?
To find a Skills Exchange partner, it helps to be clear in your post. For example: Hi. I’m looking to learn Thai. I need help to practise basic conversation lines. I'm available to do this once or twice a week in the next 2 months, in the vicinity of Asok BTS, Bangkok. I've flexible schedule. I'm happy to help with your English practice, French, ukulele or personal branding.

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