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"Rote Memorization the lowest form of Intelligence" -- Einstein

Do we need Formal Education?

If someone has asked this question 5-10 years ago, the answer would have been 'Yes'. Nowadays given the high-speed Internet and the enormous quantity of knowledge and educational resources that are available outside, this formal education is not needed anymore.

In the good old days, the only way to make an earning was to have some degree and get a job through that degree. Those days are gone and now you can make a living doing whatever you love to do. To give an example below is a list of people who made it big without higher degrees:

Li Ka- Shing - Chinese Billionaire - School Dropout

Thomas Alva Edison - Inventor - No Formal Schooling

A.N.R - Famous Actor - 4th Class

A.R.Rahman - Musician - School Dropout

Pele - Football Player - No Formal Schooling

Arun Pudur - Self-made Billionaire - No Formal Schooling

This list is endless.

What to do without Formal Education?

Education is not just memorizing information(old info), have some degrees, get a job and we are done with it.Education should be a lifelong process, and one should never stop learning. Our Education system only tests the memorization capacity of a human being and nothing else. It uses the same mold principal for everyone and if you are not fit that mold then you are branded as a dumb student. Everyone has the same brain and everyone is a genius. With our education, we have made everyone to spend their 22-25 Yrs of time in something, which they may not like and most of the times they end up doing something else !!. The current education system was created during the Industrial Revolution and it was designed to create workers who can just follow the orders of their superiors and do a job without using their brains(creativity). Our Education system will never cope up with the constantly changing world.

All the great people mentioned above may not have degrees, but they never stopped learning.

"Don't give a man a fish, Also don't teach him how to fish, But instead inspire him to discover his own way of fishing ".

We need to encourage the students to do self-learning by creating enthusiasm in them. They need to learn the things by doing/working/internship and gaining knowledge from others/mentors.If you are in a jungle and need to survive then you do not wait until you get a college degree, you just follow your elders see how they are hunting follow them and try to mimic what they are doing, that is what the real learning is(seeing, observing, doing, failing, repeating).This is the way that humans have learned through our entire human history!

What will happen to the Formal Education?

I think Formal Education will be there for ever(as long as people just want to make a earning by getting a job). But this thinking(Quit Formal Education) is just a first step in changing the way we are learning, this type of Alternative education may not suitable for everyone.If someone wants to get a simple job(government post, teachers etc), then formal education is always available. But, if someone wants to do more with their life, then the formal education is just a waste of their valuable time. We can find an enormous amount of information on science, maths, programming etc just by googling or youtube it.This was not the case some 5 years, the only way to gain knowledge was through books.Nowadays, one just needs passion and interest to learn and grow and the entire world will be open to being explored and conquer.

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This group is for all the people who believe in the concept that formal education is not relevant anymore and those who think that we can make a difference even without going through the formal education system and by following our passion.

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