What we're about

Interested in front-end development? Programming interfaces or shaping them with graphic tools? Well, we are bunch of enthusiasts just like you! We meet up every second Tuesday of the month in Skopje's hacklab KIKA for knowledge sharing and discussions about front-end engineering.

We are an open and unofficial community, always eager to share what we learned through our work or through our own explorations of the fast-paced front-end world.

Some information about how we do it:

The second Tuesday of the month (with rare exceptions). Start: 19:00.

Hacklab KIKA, Skopje (http://b10g.spodeli.org/p/info-in-english.html)

What we do?
Presentations + discussion on variety of front-end related topics:
HTML5, preprocessors, JavaScript, UI design, UX and interaction design, performance, browsers, frameworks, workflows, front-end architectures...

- Format: 2-3 presentations (15 - 20 min) per meet-up. If you are not based in Skopje, but you would like to preset, feel free to sign up as well.

- The program is published in an open document (http://piratepad.net/yyU20gfYrf) and on the blog (http://b10g.spodeli.org/)of the hacklab KIKA

- If you'd like to present, feel free to add a slot with name of the presentation, short description and target group/leve.

If this sounds interesting - perfect! Sign up to present a topic or just come by for a cookie and to say hi :)

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