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This meetup is for savvy business owners who want to grow their business but wear too many hats and marketing gets put on the back burner and all they really want is consistent, strategic marketing that actually grows their business. Sign up for workshops around Los Angeles on various marketing topics.

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Marketing Plan 101 - Create Your Roadmap To Success-WEBINAR

Marketing Plan 101 - Create Your Roadmap To Success-WEBINAR

Are you overwhelmed by all the choices for marketing your business? Not sure where your time and money would be well spent? Are you just following what everyone else is doing and hope it works for you too? If this is you...then it sounds like you may need a marketing plan! Without a plan in place, you could potentially waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to grow your business.

A well executed marketing plan will help you:
Define your business with SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat
Define your target audience with buyer personas
Develop a budget
Define your brand with proper visuals and messaging
Determine your best marketing channels for educating your customers, generating leads, and developing brand awareness

Register Here: https://losangeles.score.org/event/marketing-plan-101-create-your-roadmap-success-2

E-Mail Marketing Essentials For Business-WEBINAR

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E-Mail Marketing Essentials For Business-WEBINAR

Research says that for every $1 spent on E-Mail marketing there is an average $44 return on investment. To generate such positive outcomes, businesses have to reach the right customers with targeted campaigns. If you feel your E-Mail efforts don't yet pay off, this workshop is for you! This class will teach basic and advanced techniques to propel your E-Mail efforts.

You Will Learn:

The 5 C’s of E-Mail Marketing Basics
How to create a content calendar with a complimentary digital version sent to all students
How to pick the E-Mail platform right for your business
Anatomy of E-Mail design
Subject Lines
Best times and days to send E-Mails
Why List Segmentation is important (case study provided)
Basic Automations
How to create E-Mail graphics using Canva
How to set up Google analytic tracking links
A/B Testing Tips

Register Here: https://losangeles.score.org/event/e-mail-marketing-essentials-business-2

Social Media Essentials For Business-WEBINAR

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Social Media Essentials For Business-WEBINAR

Social media can be overwhelming for business owners. Which platforms. How often to post. What to post. What is “live”. Why Facebook Groups are important. This class will give you the basics every business owner should know as well as the latest trends to grow your business.

This class will cover :

How to create a content calendar to sync all your marketing efforts (Participants will receive a complimentary digital copy of a digital calendar-$27 value)
How to choose which platforms make sense for your business
The right days and times to post on each platform and how often to post
What type of content to post for best engagement
Social Media Advertising options
Facebook and Instagram "Lives"
Facebook and Instagram "Stories"
What is a social media influencer and why to use them

Register Here: https://losangeles.score.org/event/social-media-essentials-business-2


HANDS ON WORKSHOP: Build Your Buyer Personas-WEBINAR

What is a Buyer Persona? A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Marketing to everyone the same way doesn’t work anymore. These in-depth personas help us relate to your customers uniquely and as real humans. Buyer personas can help you better understand who your customers are and how to best market to them.

The goals of this hands-on workshop include developing clear definitions of your typical buyers, a clear sense of the customer journey that customers take, and how to generate marketing strategy to start marketing to the right people.

Register Here: https://losangeles.score.org/event/hands-workshop-build-your-buyer-personas

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Social Media Essentials For Business-WEBINAR

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